Top Finest Cannabis

St. Catharines Best Cannabis Dispensary


Top Finest Cannabis is an independent owned business that is located in St. Catharines. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. 

We present luxury-level customer service which allows inclusiveness to all our customers. At Top Finest, we dedicate our time to provide assistance & educate our customers on products in stores.

By choosing to shop at Top Finest Cannabis you are choosing a brand that has been built from the ground up here in St. Catharines. What this means is that what you spend at Top Finest Cannabis, stays within the community. This helps the growth of small local businesses, unlike large cannabis store chains! #SUPPORTLOCAL

Our goal at Top Finest Cannabis Retail is not to create a cannabis dispensary, but a cannabis haven; a space where everyone is welcome, a space were people feel safe and confident in the products they are buying and in the information they are receiving. We hope to end the stigma surrounding cannabis and show the world that cannabis is more than just weed; to some it’s a medicine, to some it’s a safer alternative, and to some it’s spiritual. Let’s show the world the beauty of cannabis!